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INOV was founded in April 1998, Through the long journey, INOV has developed into most trusted technology solution company providing IT Services and Solutions for businesses to grow in the era of digital transformation and industry 4.0. INOV continues to provide ICT solutions such as consultancy, hardware, software, and services to the Indonesian business community.

Our clients include established names in Education, Financial Services, Government, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas and Telecommunication Sectors.

We assist businesses in a variety of their ICT engagements and to ensure business continuity and system availability we provide 24 x 7 service support and standby backup units.

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Panin Plaza, Jl. Teuku Nyak Arief Blok CC No.6 Unit 03 Permata Hijau - Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12210


: PT. Inov Perdana Teknologi


: PT. Inov Perdana Teknologi

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: +62 (021) 53664668


: +62 (021) 53664669


: info@inov.co.id


: +62 8111893168

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: helpdesk@inov.co.id

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