Smart Collaboration Systems for Meeting, Training, and Learning Spaces

Introducing ROOMIE
ROOMIE is a new range of Smart Collaboration Systems enabling teams to wirelessly share data from any device, start chat sessions, join audio, web, or video conferences, and access any consumer or enterprise application. Everyone in the room is seen and heard clearly thanks to our high-quality HD cameras and audio devices. ROOMIE is also easy to install, use and manage resulting in reduced training time, decreased maintenance costs and increased user adoption. Both users and IT teams love ROOMIE!

Smarter Collaboration
Unlike traditional video conferencing systems, ROOMIE Smart Collaboration Systems are both platform and service-agnostic. So, instead of having multiple devices and interfaces, employees can now connect, communicate, collaborate, monitor, watch, learn or even play using a single collaboration product in working and learning spaces. ROOMIE models are open collaboration systems allowing IT administrators to install any compatible application or browser required to connect to all platforms and cloud services.


Leading Transformation
Nuage Solutions was founded based on the vision to transform the way people work, learn and live. Our mission is to make team meetings more effective and free of technical headaches. Headquartered in Singapore, we are a group of industry experts formerly with leading companies in this field. We understand customer challenges, business processes, industry-specific use cases, and channel partner issues. More importantly, we know where the market is going, what users want and organisations need.

ROOMIE Solutions Portfolio


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